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Monarch Way Station Project

Monarch butterflies stop in Brooklyn each summer on their long trip around the Americas in search of native plants from which to drink nectar and lay their eggs. Unfortunately, the plants they seek are being replaced by non-native plants, lawns and buildings, a contributing factor to the Monarch’s steep population decline.

South Midwood Pollinators invites You - our residents - to grow Monarch-friendly and other native plants (see back) so that we, as a neighborhood, may form a Monarch Waystation to provide the necessary habitat for these brave fluttering voyagers.

Interested in joining this initiative?

  1. Grow a Monarch garden, add to your existing garden, or grow Monarch-friendly plants in a pot. For more information about joining the waystations of South Midwood, contact Zoe Timms,

  2. Join us on Saturday, May 20 at 3pm at Flatbush Gardener’s Garden to learn about gardening for habitat. To register for the event, contact Zoe Timms.

  3. Register your garden through Monarch Watch ( and join 1,000s of Waystations across the US & Canada.

  4. Learn about this nationwide project at

Please note: Donations to this project will fund plant purchases, Monarch Waystation signs, and a neighborhood-wide registration. (Everyone can also register their individual garden.) Also, these plants will attract other butterflies, hummingbirds, moths and lightning bugs!

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