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Stop the Spotted Lantern Fly. NOW.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

If you have been out in your garden or yard, you may have noticed a new red and black bug, especially on roses and berry bushes.

This is the fourth instar (or stage) of the Spotted Lantern Fly’s development. They are everywhere in Brooklyn, including South Midwood.

You might still see some of the black and white prior stage (or third instar) which looks like this:

Or you may see a mix of both, as on this tree on E 22nd Street:

Kill them if you can.


  • John S. suggests holding a container of water under the nymphs and knocking the bugs into the water as they try to fly or drop off.

  • Virginia L. carries a tiny spray bottle of commercial insecticidal soap as she gardens and tries to target just the nymphs.

  • Straightforward squishing is another option, if you can. They are fast!

Whatever method you use, be selective. We want to eliminate as many of these invasive pests without harming our beneficial native insects.

For more information on eliminating Spotted Lantern Flies in all their stages, visit:

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