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Pollinators Groom the Flatbush Malls

When spring arrives, the Flatbush Malls on Glenwood Road grab our attention! With loppers, pruners, and shovels in hand, eight Pollinators converged to prune, trim, weed, and plant on May 20 and 21.

Our efforts were highlighted by the planting of 20 gorgeous native shrubs and perennials, including eight new Callicarpas americana in the sun-drenched areas at each end of the malls. Commonly known as Beautyberries, they are thriving and promising to feed the birds of South Midwood. Thanks to John and Stephanie Stislow for putting these beauties in the ground, despite the rain!

We also planted a Monarch Waystation on the mall between E. 22nd and E. 23rd Streets. Already this jaunty little plot of natives, donated by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, is blooming and promising the migrating Monarchs they will have a resting spot on their flight to Mexico.

Beyond plantings, much, much maintenance was done. That humble but necessary work is easily overlooked, so thanks to our crew— Andi Zinn, Anne Dette, Marj Henning, Rachel Youens, Stephanie Blackwood, and gardener-in-chief Virginia Levie. Together, we pruned mature trees, lopped off suckers, shaped the hollies and shrubs, cut the grass, and bundled all the branches for pick up by NYC Parks. Claudel Knight has kept all the plantings well watered in the weeks since.

We will be watering these precious plants over the summer. You can sign up for hydrant training, an essential prep step for participation on the watering crew, by rsvping to

Our next big Mall event will be in the fall. Join us to plant essential natives and bring the Pollinators mission to life: Gardening together for ecosystems and community.

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