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Earth Day on Cortelyou Road

Updated: May 16, 2023

The sun shone, children colored beautiful butterfly pictures and adults traded tips on making the neighborhood greener.

John, Susan, Candice at South Midwood Pollinators table at Food Co-op

The importance of planting for pollinators and watering our street trees were the hot topics of the day as Pollinator volunteers gave out tip sheets, free wildflower seed and even some violets donated by the Flatbush Gardener.

Many thanks to John, Susan, and Candice who organized and staffed the Pollinators

table at the Flatbush Food Co-op Earth Day Event, with help from the Flatbush Gardener, Chris.. Leah and her staff were excellent hosts and we look forward to next year.

It was indeed a beautiful kickoff for the 2023 gardening season

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