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Field Trip to Little Island in July

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Why stay home and talk on Zoom when we can go to Little Island and explore the beautiful spring/summer landscape?

Join the Pollinators on Tuesday, July 11, at 6 pm for a walk around Little Island in the Hudson River. We will meet at South Bridge entrance @ 13th Street in Manhattan.

Little Island at Pier 55 is an artificial island park in the Hudson River west of Manhattan in New York City, adjoining Hudson River Park. Designed by Heatherwick Studio, it opened in May 2021.

Little Island covers 2.4 acres and is supported by 132 pot-shaped structures, called "tulips", suspended above the water, which in turn stand on 280 concrete pilings extending into the riverbed. The tops of the pots range from 15 to 62 ft above the waterline. The park has various lawns, paths, and plants, which were arranged by landscape architect Signe Nielsen. The plantings and soil were engineered to reduce erosion and were also arranged aesthetically.

Planted with over 66,000 bulbs, Little Island starts blossoming in March. As spring bulbs fade away, large ornamental grasses sprout throughout the park. Warm season grasses like silver grass, little bluestem, and pink muhly grass are dramatic additions to the landscape this season.

Bring a sandwich or visit one of the three concession stands where you can get a bite. This field trip will replace the bimonthly Zoom meeting. RSVP to

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