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Rambling Through South Midwood

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

A cool and overcast Saturday inspired a warm and lively stroll through Pollinator gardens on Saturday, June 3. Thanks to the organizational skills of Alexandra Baltarzuk and Marj Henning, some 25 Pollinators, neighbors, and families had the chance to marvel at the flourishing backyards scattered throughout South Midwood.

Each gardener offered a special anecdote or experience. From Helen, we learned about the female elderberry that continued to bear fruit, even after the supposedly essential male was removed from her garden. Alexandra got a lot of laughs with the story of “the stick that grew into a tree”! Virginia shared the delights of installing a water feature that has become an infinity pool, i.e., it’s taking an infinity to finish. Natasha wowed us with the design of her patio and paths. Anne cursed the relentless squirrels who outwitted her quest to protect a peach tree. And Marj, admitting that she is just starting her gardening career, promised to let us know what those hard green fruits are (Plums? Apricots?) when they ripen.z

To the gardeners–Helen Englehardt, Natasha Amott, Anne Dette, Virginia Levie, Alexandra Baltarzuk, and Marj Henning–thank you for opening your gates and allowing us to wander through your beautiful gardens.

Many thanks for getting us together to enjoy nature and each other’s company!!

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