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Spreading Pollinator Tips at BBG

The great news is, interest is high about learning to garden in support of pollinators, as a recent class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden showed. The fully subscribed lecture, Planting for Pollinators, Simplified was given by Pollinator cofounder and President Virginia Levie. Attendees ranged from experienced community gardeners to brand newbies and even included one gardener from New Jersey!

Organized by the good people of BBG's Education and outreach department who sweetened the deal with a free native plant, Purple Coneflower Wild Berry, the talk aimed to demystify the process of planting in support of birds and bees. The concept, as amateur gardener and pollinator enthusiast Levie explained, is that while no single urban garden may be able to supply everything pollinators and birds need, a neighborhood's gardens, taken together, really can create a healthy ecosystem.

Many thanks to Nina Browne, Kira Louson, Jibreel Cooper of the BBG Education Department for facilitating the workshop and to the Horticulture staff for the beautiful plants.

Planting for Pollinators, Simplified
Download PDF • 1.94MB

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