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Lure Lightning Bugs To Benefit Your Garden

For many of us, the flash of lightning bugs is one of summer’s glories. Also called fireflies, these nocturnal beauties are actually beetles. The adults can often be seen during the daytime on flowers and vegetation. But it’s when darkness falls that their bioluminescent magic occurs.

Lighting up to attract mates, these beetles are highly local and do not migrate during their short lifespan.

You can encourage their light show in your own yard. It’s simple:

  1. MULCH your plants and shrubs. Lightning bugs lay their eggs in organic mulch like leaf litter or wood chips and the hungry, immature larvae chow down on slugs and snails, another good reason to want these insects in your garden.

  2. Keep it DARK. Light pollution is proving devastating for many species. You can help our local varieties by minimizing outdoor lighting.

  3. Eliminate PESTICIDES from your yard, especially in broad applications. Even organic pesticides will kill beneficial insects as well as pests when indiscriminately applied.

Then, sit back and watch. Savor childhood memories. Enjoy that you contributed to a healthy firefly population.

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