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City Water has Arrived

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

It took a couple years and quite a few emails and phone calls, but the South Midwood Pollinators are now official users of City water for street trees!

On May 24th, Stephanie B and Virginia L traveled to Long Island City to learn how to safely access water from fire hydrants. Our goal is to keep the Mall plantings, street trees and tree pit plantings well watered this summer, so that they can enjoy a long life and our neighbors enjoy them.

We need volunteers!

We are training Pollinator volunteers on Thursday, June 8, at 6 pm at the NE corner of E 21st and Glenwood Ave. We anticipate more trainings this summer, if people are interested. To find out about trainings and summer watering, email us at

Finally, many thanks to the Pollinators who allowed us to tap their home faucets (and paid the water bill!) that enabled us to water during last summer's historic drought: Caudel Knight, Eva Bogaisky, John Stislow, Marjorie Henning and Virginia Levie. And thanks to Jason Stein and Kevin Record at Parks who made sure we were on the list this year.

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